Flexilicate accepts orders for fabrication of custom made micro-structured optical fibers, photonic crystal fibers, hollow core fibers, flat fibers, D-shaped fiber, copper-in-fiber.

We also fabricate endlessly single mode photonic crystal fibers, single-mode large mode area photonic crystal fibers, highly-nonlinear photonic crystal fibers, radiation hardened optical fibers.

Following are examples of specialty micro-structured based optical fibers we fabricated for different applications.

Solid-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF)

Large d/Λ Solid Core PCF

1st Ring Enlarged Hole Solid Core PCF

High Evanescent Field Diamond Ring Fiber

D-Shaped Single Mode Fiber

Twin Single Mode Fiber

Capillary Fibers

Metal-Core Fiber

Large Core with Large NA Fiber

Flat Fibers

Flat Fibers

4-Core Multi-Core Single Mode Fiber