Flexilicate fabricates micro-capillary glass arrays of various dimensions and format to cater for various customers from wide ranging industries including chemical, biomedical, medical devices, and digital PCR.

Micro-capillaries made from pure silica by employing optical fibre fabrication techniques. We are able to produce long lengths of capillary arrays, and microcapillary plates that would improve interaction regions and time span. We are also able to fabricate tapered capillary arrays to assist in passive material sorting.

Flexilicate fabricates glass based capillary arrays with variety of sizes and shapes. The internal hole dimensions ranges from 1 µm up to 1 mm or larger. The capillary arrays external dimension (cross section) ranges from 100 µm up to 4 mm. The length of the capillary arrays can be longer than 1 m.

Flexilicate fabricates micro-capillary plates with external dimensions of 20 mm × 20 mm or hexagonal with long diagonal of 30 mm with different internal hole sizes from 5 µm up to 1 mm. The length of micro-capillary plates can be reach up to 10 cm.

Also, Flexilicate provides tapered capillary arrays. The external dimension for the input side ranges from 1 mm to 5 mm and output side of around 100 µm to 2.5 mm.  

Flexilicate accepts orders for custom made capillaries. These include circular, rectangular, hexagonal, D-shape, tapered capillaries and etc.