Lapping is a final abrasive finishing operation that produces extreme dimensional accuracy, corrects minor imperfections of shape, refines surface finish and produces close fit between mating surfaces. Most lapping is done with a tooling plate or wheel (the lap) and fine-grained loose abrasive particles suspended in a viscous or liquid vehicle such as soluble oil, mineral oil or grease which removes material at a controlled rate.

The lapping and polishing process are quite similar in most aspects. Lapping process usually produce dull and non-reflective surface. Polishing process produces reflective finish which is typically the 2nd step.

Advantages of Lapping & Polishing Process :

  • Lapping allows for much tighter thickness tolerance. Standard lap thickness tolerance is ± .0005mm and can be as tight as ± .00005mm depending on the length, width and thickness of the part or substrate.
  • Various abrasives and unique proprietary processes allow for better control over the surface finish.
    It’s important to note, however, that the surface finish is dictated to some degree by the material’s structure or grain size.
  • Having uniform parts is crucial for producing repeatable results. Precision lapping provides excellent control to ensure uniform pieces within specified parameters.
  • Lapping controls the flatness of your parts or substrates.
  • Achieving parallelism between faces on a substrate can be very important. Lapping is a great way to guarantee parallelism to extremely tight tolerances.
  • Precision lapping is used in the preparation of any part or substrate to be polished. The parts go through various lapping abrasives to reduce the subsurface damage before moving on to the precision polishing process.
  • Polishing enhances, restores the looks of and creates a reflective surface.
  • Polishing prevents contamination and remove oxidation.

Application of Lapping & Polishing Process :

  • Valve manufacturing
  • Automotive parts
  • Pump manufacturing
  • Air compressor parts
  • Electronic parts and components
  • Semiconductors manufacturing

Why choose Flexilicate?

  • We provide accurate, precise and controlled material removal to produce the desired size, shape and dimensions for your products.
  • Lapping and polishing produce superior results to grinding as they are less damaging to materials and enable precise and exact materials removal, resulting in a smooth, flat surface finish desired.
  • We can process most types of materials e.g. borosilicate, quartz, metals, ceramics, silicon, semiconductors, plastics and alloys to a specific surface finish, flatness and parallelism.
  • We are always aware that lapping and polishing is often the final process of a components manufacture and we handle your components with this in mind.