Special Optical Fiber Fabrication Services

Flexilicate Sin Bhd is a spin-off company of University of Malaya, formed in 2015 with the objective of providing specialty and innovative silica-based optical fiber solutions to its customers. The Company is the commercial vehicle for Integrated Lightwave Research Group (ILRG), which currently runs the only research-focused optical fiber drawing tower facility in Malaysia.

Our main products include
  • Custom Made Optical Fibers: This includes

-Flexilicate manufactures high-precision solid-core and hollow-core photonic crystal fibers, micro structured optical fibers and metal-in-optical-fibers.

-Also, we manufacture customized diameter single mode and multimode optical fibers as well as side-polished D-shaped single mode and multimode optical fibers.

  • Custom Made Capillary Arrays and Microcapillaries

-Flexilicate manufactures a variety of single-hole capillaries, multi-holes capillary arrays with different structures including circular, rectangular, hexagonal made of high-quality borosilicate, quartz, and silica glasses.

-We also manufacture high-quality microcapillary arrays and microcapillary plates for a wide range of hole sizes from hundreds of nanometers up to hundreds of millimeters for medical, biomedical, and chemical application using high-quality glasses.

-Other glass processing including glass forming, glass blowing, glass etching, glass surface polishing are our other activities that we do for different industries.

  • Radiation Dosimeters

-Flexilicate also produces glass TLDs with optical fiber technology with customized dimensions. Our dosimeters can detect radiation doses from Mico-Gray up to Kilo-Gray range and are suitable for medical and industrial applications especially for R&D, and custom applications.

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