We Manufacture Custom Micro Glass Tubing & Capillary Arrays, and Specialty Optical Fibers & Photonic Crystal Fibers


Who we are

We are a group of university lecturers, researchers and postgraduate students that formed a start-up company in 2015 under the University of Malaya to provide innovative solution and economic manufacturing for custom design specialty optical fibers, micro-structured fibers, micro-glass tubing structures with very reasonable price.

Our services

Flexilicate accepts custom design for the following products:


Optical Fibers

Specialty optical fibers such as large cladding single mode fiber, Large core/cladding multimode fibers, large Numerical Aperture (NA) optical fibers, D-shaped SMF /MMF, SMF/MMF fiber array, and etc.


Photonic Crystal Fibers

Customized micro-structured photonic crystal fibers (PCF), solid core PCF, hollow core PCFs, suspended core PCF, endlessly single mode PCF, D-shaped PCF, PCF for supercontinuum light generation, and etc.


Glass Tubes

Single hole glass tube, multi-bore micro glass tubing, micro-capillary arrays, micro-capillary plates with side polished, glass tubing with different shapes and structures, side polished glass tube, and any shape/structure of tubing using borosilicate, quartz and fused silica glasses.


Glass Cutting

Precise glass cutting with zero edge chipping and highly perpendicular and parallelism cutting, glass rod/tubing cross section lapping & polishing with optics/photonics roughness quality, as well as fire polishing.

Our Recent Products

ُSome recent products of Felxilcate:


Copper-in-fused silica PCF

Manufacturing of copper-in-fused silica photonic crystal fiber. Other metal materials such as gold, silver, and nickel can be embedded in the fused silica too.


Single mode fiber

Side polished D-shaped SMF with different polishing depths, long length, low attenuation and wide bandwidth. Gold and silver coating can be customaized with other parameters and thickness.


Side polished PCF

Side polished D-shaped microchannel photonic crystal fibers is available. Gold and silver coating can be applied per request based on the customer design parameters and coating thickness.


PCF for supercontinuum light generation

Photonic crystal fiber designed for supercontinuum light generation. The fiber has very good light coupling and low attenuation.

Our Latest News:


New Project

Photolitography on glass tubing is another project that Flexilicate is currently working on. This patterning on glass tubing project is mainly for condom moulds production. We are using a special method and chemicals with very low production costing while result in precise and uniform pattern generation. There is a collaboration with a local company for mass production of condom moulds.


Up to the standards

Flexilicate taking one more step towards the Quality System! By 1 st April 2021, Flexilicate’s staff undergo ISO 9001:2015 training. We already started implementing this Quality Management System by 19 th April and targeting to have our first external audit on July 2021. With this quality system, we hope to further improve our system performance and looking forward for bigger projects.


Flexilicate is developing a new manufacturing line for glass tube blowing, glass tube forming, glass tube tapering, glass tube bending and other glass processing. Our main target for glass blowing and formation is for small outer diameter glass tubing and capillaries. Unlike traditional glass blowing lathe machine, Flexilicate is developing an innovative method that would be suitable for mass production and precise dimensions.

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